Friday, March 15, 2013

Halal Nail Polish.....Finally

For the past many years I have been living a life of chromatic deprivation.
“How so?”, you ask.
Well, allow me to explain. I have been going about, living my life, without nail polish!

When I was in my teens, an undisclosed number of years ago, I loved nail polish. I was never a fan of a lot of color on my face but I loved painting my nails. I made sure that my nails were filed and healthy and my polish was never chipped. If I wasn’t wearing color I had a clear coat on. My nails were never naked...never.

Then came the day when I was told that wudu could not be performed while wearing nail polish as water did not penetrate the varnish.

I, like many others, have a very healthy fear of hell and so, sigh, I gave up painting my nails.

Until now........

The Polish cosmetic company, Inglot, has introduced a new line of nail polishes which lets moisture and air to pass through. In this way it is considered--dare I say it--halal! There, I said it.

Yes, ladies, I kid you not.  This is not a dream. Stop pinching yourself.

Wojciech Inglot, a researcher as well as the founder of the company, developed this brand as a healthy alternative to regular nail polish. He named the line O2M, for oxygen and moisture. These polishes are made with the same polymer used in making breathable contact lenses.

The implications were not lost on all the Muslim fashionistas who had been depriving themselves of painted nails. As soon as the brand’s properties were advertised, questions were asked: Is it really true? Can we really wear this polish and still perform wudu?

Shaykh Mustafa Umar, Director of Education and Outreach at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, conducted experiments to prove that water did, indeed, permeate through the polish and reached the nail.Therefore, one could paint their nails, look fabulous and do wudu.

Once I read the fatwa by Mustafa Umar I had to get this miracle product for myself. Inglot is not a mainstream brand and therefore some efforts were needed to locate an outlet but I remained resolute and undeterred. Finally after much effort and some travel I found myself standing in front of the Inglot cosmetics station. There, in front of me was a display of the entire palette of the  O2M line. And it was glorious.

I think I heard violins and I’m sure that I saw a flock of white doves fly off into the sky.

The salesgirl quickly informed me that the Inglot line was 100% halal and went into a detailed spiel of how I could perform wudu while wearing it. I think that at some point she noticed that I wasn’t listening to her as I was totally focused on the nail polish display. She leaned in and said: “You know, those are all testers. Why don't you go on and try some colors”.  

That was all the encouragement I needed and soon I was smiling ear to ear with each fingernail on my hand painted a different color.

Happiness often comes from the smallest of life's surprises. On that particular day it came in the shape of a little rectangular bottle full of breathable nail polish.

Since the popularity of the nail polish skyrocketed the brand and its revenue into hyperspace, Inglot has outlets in nearly all muslim countries around the world. They are also looking into other products aimed at Muslim women. One such product is an alcohol-free perfume. I am sure that with the success of Inglot other companies will also follow suit to find a place in this lucrative niche. Nothing spurs on a research department more than the promise of increased revenue. Until then, enjoy Inglot.

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