Friday, March 16, 2012

What Is Your Country Worth To You?

It has been said that for every piece of land there is someone who is willing to die for it. Unfortunately for Pakistan, those kinds of people are a rarity. But the number of people who are willing to sell Pakistan for a personal gain has seen a tremendous rise, like a festering epidemic.

It has also been said: “justice delayed is justice denied.” But justice is not only delayed, it is ignored for the sake of convenience when petitions are put away to “mature” for twelve years or more before seeing the light of day.

There is a list of politicians and members of the media who were allegedly offered money by the ISI to derail PPP in the 1990 elections. In retrospect, whether the outcome of that election was detrimental or beneficial for the country is not the topic of discussion here today.The point is, that influencing the election process by any form of coercion is unconstitutional in its most benign form and treasonous in its most malignant. The leaders who accepted the money, were they not bound by duty to protect the constitution? Were the rewards so great that they sold their country? Or were the consequences so dire that they had to betray their country? And finally, was it worth it?

As a matter of fact, it was an offer that, apparently, could have been refused.There were those who said, “no thank you,” and took the high road.  But those people are in a minority close to extinction. The integrity, loyalty and love of country that are the requirements for leaders of  a nation are the first aspects of character that seep out of a person when they decide on a political career. The tragedy is that decisions of prosperity or poverty, life or death for the common man, are made by these uncommon men whose first act in office is to shed all pretences of love of country and fellow man and engage wholeheartedly in the love of self. Self-preservation is the strongest of instincts and those who step beyond it and do for others are called “heroes.” We, unfortunately, are still waiting for ours.

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  1. Excellent eye on the state of affairs - we need people like you to run or public office in Pakistan